Fonds Solutions is specialized in the conception, structuring and reorganization of investment funds. In detail this includes:

Product conception

  • Identification of new asset classes for the emission of funds and investments
  • Further development and restructuring of established asset classes
  • Realization of feasibility and marketability studies for new investments
  • Profiling of current competitive products
  • Composition of detailed product concepts

Compiling a Prospectus

Support and compilation of a prospectus according to the guidelines and standards of IDW ES 4 and Prospectus Law (Verkaufsprospektgesetz)

Investments Consulting

  • Determination of the outline data for long-term, successful business operations
  • Realization of the technical, economic and judicial due diligence assessment of investments.
  • Support during contract negotiations
  • Counseling of the organization of business operations

Marketing Assistance

  • Organization and delivery of presentations and training and/or the corresponding attendance as a contact person or lecturer to assist in the market launch of products
  • Attendance at meetings with interested parties concerning objects or investment offers in Germany and abroad
  • On site support of an interested party (Object - / Asset Survey, investors and Sales travels, Workshops, etc.)

Reorganization of Investments

  • Restructuring and recapitalization of investments, investment portfolios, companies and M&A Transactions
  • Identification of de-investment possibilities and restructuring of existing investments